Great New Dark Fantasy Novel!

dark fantasy

Be Careful What You Wish For by SuZanne Ahlin

When an old woman decides that she’s had enough, and decides to end it all to relieve herself of her constant pain, she doesn’t expect a handsome young man to intervene.

Not content with saving her from her intended suicide attempt, he gives her a new chance at life.

Suddenly, in the body she’d had when forty years younger, she finds herself thrown headlong into a life that she could only have dreamed about… if her dreams had been particularly bizarre fantasies.

As part of a worldwide community of witches and warlocks, along with a selection of vampires, werewolves, and other mythical species, all of them ruled over by the mysterious ‘Regime’, her life becomes anything but boring.

Throw in some grisly deaths, mystical spells, and an uncertain romance to season this supernatural adventure, and you have all the right ingredients for a tale to entrance, captivate, and entertain.

 ** Visit the publisher’s website to view a video of this book and link to an extract! **


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