Beach Read: It Happened One Summer


Lynette:  I Think we all remember those heady summer days of our youth when we first fell in love with someone special. Those summer days and nights seemed to go on forever. There was just something so enchanting about waking up early with the sun streaming in through the bedroom window and having that feel-good factor all day and all of the night!

You’re in love and all’s right with the world!

From enchanting mornings to mystical and magical evenings under the stars, and even sultry afternoons by the sea with the breeze blowing softly on your cheeks as he swoops in for a kiss…”Summer love had me a blast, summer love happened so fast…” as the song goes.

Relive your summer love with a great beach read!

About It Happened One Summer:

Spend an enchanting summer with Rone Award Nominated author Lynette Rees.

Sandy Perkins is grieving for a lost love when she encounters new boss, the handsome, Matt Walker. Matt poses as an awkward customer at the charity shop where Sandy is manageress, instead of revealing himself to her as the new area manager. So this makes Sandy annoyed with his devious behaviour when she finally discovers the truth.

Matt has worked all over the world, unable to settle anywhere, and takes over the apartment of his best friend at Cardiff Bay.

The last thing on Sandy’s mind is looking for love, she’s recently lost her fiance in motorcycle accident. Yet, the handsome Matt Walker begins to seep beneath her skin, even though they fail to hit it off the first time they meet.

The ‘Cancer Concern’ charity is in trouble, if not enough money is raised then it could go under. Sandy has the idea of hosting a fashion show where all the stops are pulled out and she employs the services and skills of London fashion designer, Dylan Pryce-Jones to do so.

However, things aren’t plain sailing as Sandy has two people to contend with, Stephanie Baynham, who has designs on Matt, and a stalker who is making her life hell.

Will Matt help Sandy thwart the evil stalker threatening her life and will she finally allow herself to fall in love again?

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