Four book saga series!

Four book saga series!
“This is a lovely story based deep in a Welsh valley, it portrays everything about how life was at this time, strong family ties, dangerous working conditions in the mines and how people struggled just to put food on the table…”
“What a fantastic follow-up to Black Diamonds! It was great to find out what became of Lily and her family and to meet the brave Irish lass Kathleen. Maggie Shanklin is up to her old tricks again but, by the end of the book, you get to understand a lot of why she is like she is. I really like Jess too, who becomes a great friend to Kathleen. I wonder if we’ll meet her again! Thanks for another great book Lynette and looking forward to Seasons of Change Book 3!”
“Another great story from Lynette Rees in the Seasons of Change series. The author’s descriptions of places are so vivid you can see them in front of you and Rebecca’s predicament with her husband is heartbreaking. I think this is the best so far in the series so roll on Red Poppies! I can’t wait!”
“This book is the fourth in the seasons of change series, and takes the reader into the world of surgeons, nurses and other medics at a time when the First World War is declared. The author has obviously carried out a great deal of research, and the descriptions and actions in the field hospital located at the front during the war is absolutely mesmerising. You can almost smell the gunpowder and feel the fear. A gripping, can’t-put-down read. Recommend immediate purchase…”

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