A Spoonful of Sugar just 99p

Always the bridesmaid... Never the bride....png

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice…

Single mother, Suzie Frampton, has fancied her best friend, Fran’s, brother, Antonio, as long as she remembers. Over the years she’s suffered the torment of watching him date a succession of beautiful women while she watches from afar.

Suzie has to find a way to support her young daughter and turns what was previously a hobby, cake crafting, into a business. She opens up a shop just around the corner from where Antonio works at The Vine Tree, the Italian family business which leads her into closer contact with the man she desires.

Fran mysteriously goes missing. Suzie finds herself up close and personal for the ride of her life on the back of Antonio’s Harley Davidson as they rush to rescue Fran’s wedding dress from the store before it closes for the Easter Holiday.

Mayhem ensues as someone intends causing problems for the pair. Will they manage to thwart the troublemaker?

Available here!



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