Great review for ‘Black Diamonds’

gwen madoc


I was thrilled to receive a wonderful review from Welsh author, Gwen Madoc, for my historical romance, ‘Black Diamonds’. This is a book close to my heart as it’s set in my home community of Merthyr Tydfil, and the story is set around real life events. The book has hit the bestselling Kindle chart for Religious and Inspirational Fiction several times this year.

Gwen Madoc is a Welsh author I admire greatly and highly respect, which makes this review very special to me. Black Diamonds is the first book in the ‘Seasons of Change’ historical fiction saga series.


BLACK DIAMONDS by Lynette Rees

In her novel BLACK DIAMONDS Lynette Rees evokes powerfully the lives of the people of a Welsh mining village in the South Wales Valleys in the mid nineteenth century. The story is based on actual historical events in Merthyr Tydfil, when just before Christmas 1865 an explosion at Gethin Pit at Abercanaid overwhelmed the entire community with grief.

Lily Jenkin is a young heroine with passion, fortitude and courage, who struggles with the uncertainties of life in a mining community where the loss of loved ones from cholera or injury and death at the pit, and the subsequent heartache and poverty that results, are ever present possibilities.

Rees reveals the background and atmosphere of this particular era with depth and richness. Her characters spring off the page brimming with life. We feel strongly their grief and despair; their loves and hates. And also their hopes, and these feelings, together with the strength and variety of the characters, remain with the reader long after the book is read.

Rees takes the reader through the many twists and unexpected turns of the story with skill so that the pace of the novel never flags, creating a page-turner.

There is a great deal of warmth and emotion in the novel which reveals the true nature of the Welsh peoples. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Gwen Madoc author of




BLACK DIAMONDS is available here!



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