Excerpt from White Roses


He hailed a Hansom for them outside the establishment and it was a long while before he said, once they were settled inside, “You don’t entirely trust me, do you, Kathleen?”

She tensed in her seat and drew in a long breath before letting it go again. “I don’t quite understand your meaning, sir?”

“I mean, my intentions towards you. You fear they are unworthy somehow that I might make advances towards you. Is that not the case?”

She shook her head. “’Tis not that, Mr. Brown. I fear my husband should not like it if I stay out unchaperoned with a man like yourself.”

Brown laughed. “Is he a jealous man, this husband of yours? I saw him at the theatre yesterday and he looks the strong, silent sort to me.”

“Well, I have not had need to put him to the test on that score but I had a hard time convincing him of how serious I was to get on the London stage.”

“Oh I see. Maybe he is the sort of husband then who would fear his wife becoming more of a success than he. What does this fellow do for a living, might I ask?”

She hesitated. “He is about to begin work as a police constable in Merthyr Tydfil, but before that he worked down the coal mine.”

She heard Brown take in a gasp of astonishment in the darkness of the cab as it rattled along the cobbled street. “You do surprise me, that is quite a change of profession…”

‘White Roses’

Available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/White-Roses-Seasons-Change-Book-ebook/dp/B013X89GT6


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