Black Diamonds

BD new


Lily waited breathlessly as she watched the men haul out the dead ponies who had got in the way of the rescue.  It was bad enough watching their lifeless bodies, never mind the men’s, it just didn’t bear thinking about.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she spun around.  “Oh Mam.” She hugged her mother and sobbed into the shoulder of her shawl.  It must have taken a lot for her mother to have left the house.

“Now, now, Lily,” her mother comforted as Mrs Morgan stood by her side.  “It will be all right.  One of the neighbours just told me so I rushed down here as quick as I could. Your brothers are strong boys.”  A pang of guilt coursed through her for laying her fears on her mother after all the loss she had been through recently, and now not knowing if Dafydd was dead or alive, and if he was alive, if he was injured…


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