Interview with author, Joy Wood


Hi Joy, welcome my blog.

I’ve read and enjoyed your earlier books so much and now I see you’ve just published your fourth entitled, ‘April Fool’. Could you tell us a little about it, please?

Hi Lynette, first of all thank  you so much for taking the time to interview me, I’m delighted to be here again.

April Fool is a little different from my other books. I’ve purposely tried something different. It’s hard to explain without giving any spoilers away, but suffice to say it still has elements of romance in it, and the usual twists and turns I like to incorporate, but  there is a subtle difference from my other books.  The book is about April Masters, an undercover police officer with a remit of catching the dynamic Dylan Rider who the police suspect is behind the heists of valuable artefacts. April is a strong, determined young woman and I hope that readers admire her tenacity and are willing her on as she navigates her way through the criminal world.

How did you come up with the idea for the book?

I like police dramas when I see them on TV. I didn’t want to write anything too technical about police procedures with forensic detail, I wanted something a bit less intense. I hope this book delivers this.

Does your book have a particular theme?

I think ‘Subterfuge’ says everything!

Who is your favourite character in the story and why?

I love April, but there is a young man in the story, Henry. He is a troubled soul and I feel desperately sorry for him (as April does). He isn’t particularly endearing, but there is a vulnerability about him that tugs at your heart strings.

Is there a villain/antagonist in the story?

There’s Dylan Rider and his brother Victor, neither of them are the type you would cross. April knows that, so she has to tread carefully. She cannot afford for either of them to find out who she really is so has to be convincing as a cleaner working at the gallery.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

I found the ending a dilemma. It could have gone one of three ways. I hope I’ve got it right!

What was your favourite part of this book to write and why?

Back to April again. I liked developing her. She appears as tough cop, but she has an Archilles heel and I think that’s what the readers will identify with and be willing her on.

How long did it take to write and how did you research for it?

You’d laugh, my “research” was a retired police sergeant I met on a cruise ship! I talked about the idea with him and he was a great help. It isn’t a particularly technical book about policing or anything like that. It’s more about April at the gallery and the interactions with Dylan Rider.

Do you have any plans for any future novels?

I want to write a murder/ thriller. My editor thinks my readers know me as a contemporary romance author (my branding) and readers expect that. So maybe if I write the thriller, I’ll use a pseudonym. The only trouble is, it will be like starting out again as a new author.

If you could give a new writer any advice knowing what you know now about the writing world, what would you tell them?

I’d tell them to stick at it. Writing is solitary so by the very nature of sitting on your own, you have a tendency to doubt yourself.  I actually think ‘doubt’ is a writer’s middle name. It is very easy some days to think, ‘I’m not good enough’ ‘everyone else can write better stories than I can,’ ‘this is rubbish,’ ‘nobody will buy it.’

I think my advice would be to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones i.e., “I’m trying my best to write a story people will enjoy”, “there is room for all of us and each book I write, I’ll improve”, “this has potential, I just need to work on it.”

Could you tell me a little about a typical writing day for you?

The day starts with an early morning walk along Cleethorpes sea front. It not only clears my head and gives me ideas, it also stops me feeling guilty when I’m sat most of the day at the computer! I like to write in the day time really when I have natural light in the conservatory. I don’t write every day, and I’m easily distracted with Facebook and emails!”

Are there any authors who have influenced you?

I’ve loved reading from an early age. I used to love Jackie Collins novels, and I remember a particular book I read when I was very young that certainly influenced me, ‘The Other Side of Midnight’ by Sidney Sheldon’. I’ll never forget the joy of that book and how the author had started it and finished it. Even now all these year later, I can still see the main characters in my head.

Who is your typical reader?

I would say middle aged women, however I’ve received an email from a man today saying he loved April Fool and has read all my other novels so that was rather lovely.

Where ideally would you love to write if money was no object?

The Maldives.

And finally, where can readers buy a copy of your latest book?

It does sell locally in Cleethorpes, but the vast majority buy from Amazon both paperbacks and kindle versions. Paperbacks can also be ordered from Waterstones and WH Smith.

Many thanks for an interesting interview, Joy!

You can purchase April Fool by Joy Wood here:







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