The Ragged Urchin


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The Ragged Urchin is currently FREE on Amazon Prime Reading in KINDLE format! [Also available in paperback and audio] This book is the first of a three part series: The Ragged Urchin, The Christmas Locket and [soon to be published – The Lily and the Flame]

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Will this little orphan boy find a safe haven?

Orphaned at the age of ten-years-old, Archie Ledbetter, is forced to live with his uncle in his very grand house. Uncle Walter seems emotionless, exhibiting little feeling towards the young lad. If it wasn’t for some of the staff at Huntington Hall, Archie’s life would be a complete misery. There’s a dark secret that Cook hints at as to why Archie’s mother left her lavish lifestyle behind and ended up settling in the East End of London, scraping a living selling cakes and confectionery from the back of a barrow in the marketplace. Archie’s never known his father and wonders who he is. Just as he’s settling in at the house, someone comes along and seizes the opportunity to kidnap Archie, forcing him to work as a chimney sweep, navigating searing hot chimney breasts in an inferno of hell. As if life couldn’t get much harder for boy, he cries himself to sleep at night praying for the angels to take him so he can finally see his mother once again in heaven…

Will Archie finally find the love he’s looking for?

A heartwarming saga, perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Maggie Hope.


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It’s on the approach to Christmas and office worker, Marsha Riley, wants to be anywhere other than where she is right now. She dislikes Christmas with a vengeance as the festive season was never the same after her father died when she was ten-years-old. To make matters worse, she has the young Bradley to contend with, who shadows her around the office like a puppy dog.

However, all is about to change when she encounters the boss’s eldest son, Jake Harrison. He’s devilishy handsome and the glint in his eyes indicates he could be a dangerous encounter.

Meanwhile, back at the office there’s the Annual Secret Santa Draw. Whilst seeking a gift for it, Marsha finds a snow globe almost identical to the one her father gave her as a child, even the little girl inside it looks like her at the same age, before her father passed away.
At midnight, she’s lying on her bed, when she lifts the object and gives it a good shake, at the same time she makes a wish.

Will her wish come true? Or is she destined to remain in an office where she’s pestered by a young upstart who has designs upon her and is on the edge of becoming a stalker, or does her destiny lie elsewhere?

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Thirty year old, Katie Doyle, moves in with her mad cap best friend, Stella, when her relationship with controlling Casanova, Richard Stillman goes pear-shaped.

On a boozy night out she is about to encounter a younger man, who will change her life forever, but first she must implement a plan to wreak revenge on her ex, before she can get on track and move on with her life over the festive season.

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